Vineyard location and characteristics: The vineyards are spread over the hills around the city of Buje at a height of 220 to 250 meters above the sea on the mineral-rich white soil. On its best locations, the grape of this vintage yielded exceptionally concentrated aromas, so we selected a limited area where it was left to dry on the vine before harvesting it.

Vinification: every variety and vintage separately – from cold fermentations of regular vintages, to late harvest and beery selections

Ageing: some in steel tanks, some on fine yeasts, other in wooden barrels of different size and age. After separated ageing, assembling to one wine, resting for some time and finally
for 1 year in bottle.

Color: vivid color of old gold and amber, big tears are slowly running down the wall of the glass, wine is moving slow around the glass.

Bouquet: Lush and intensive impression begins with tertiary aromas, as bee wax, petroleum and cedar wood, but then we experience the opening of clear notes of ripe yellow fruit, like apricots and white plums. Later to be followed be spices and dry rose petals. We expect big, serious and strong wine.

Palate: This cuvée gives us right away a verry warm, soft, but also strong, tasty and mineral expression. Sweetness is very present, but nicely imbedded into harmony with the bold freshness that comes up from the background. On the side of precise fruity aromas, notes of curcuma rise up, and the aftertaste is long, persistent and tasty, with a lite hint of roasted hazelnuts.

Food pairing: Good choice for this opulent wine are surely soft-ripened mold cheeses with some mustard marmalade on the side. Dry fruit, foie gras, but also dry cakes and cookies with nuts and dry fruits would go well, nice company is dark chocolate with lavender. It is a wine for passionate and long enjoyment.

Suggestion: open one hour before serving, follow up the development of the wine.
  • Harvest:
  • Vineyards: West Istrian
  • Cultivar: Malvazija istarska, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Viognier
  • Alcohol: 15,5 %
  • Sugar: 33 g/l
  • Acidity: 7,1 g
  • Package: 0,75 l
  • Serve at: 14-17 °C

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