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Malvasia Bomarchese Barrique

Quality dry wine

Vineyard location and characteristics: The vineyards are located on the hills of Buje, at 220 to 250 metres above the sea, at the location of Bomarchese. The ideal microclimate allows for the growing of grapes that in their maturing retain the amount of acidity required for a fruity and well-balanced wine, while the mineral white soil sustains the smoothness with its exceptional mineral notes.

Vinification and maturing: As this year has blessed us with an abundance of sunshine, we have obtained an extraordinary material, rarely so suited for ageing in wood, and so reserved a small part of the harvest for you to enjoy.
A part of the must is subjected to the process of crio-maceration and then lightly pressed after which it is left to ferment at temperatures from 14 to 16 °C. The wine is matured in wooden casks for 12 months and then bottled, following a period of several months of balancing in the bottle itself.

Color: Gold with antique gold reflection

Bouquet: Complex and delicate, scents of yellow flowers, bread crust and honey, following by a burst of white plum, hazelnuts, spice herbs and white pepper

Taste: Warm, well-rounded and rich, but yet typically mineral, moderately fresh, dispersing an aroma of ripe fruit all over the palate, with a long-lasting finale with mild and typically elegant bitterness

Gastronomic recommendation: Wide selection of seafood, grilled prawns and shrimp, but also heftier dishes than fish and white meat, foie gras on toast with white pepper 
  • Harvest: 2003
  • Vineyards: West Istrian
  • Cultivar: 100% Malvasia
  • Alcohol: 12 %
  • Sugar: < 2 g/l
  • Acidity: 5,3 g/l
  • Package: 0,75 l
  • Serve at: 11-13°C
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