Terre Bianche Passito

High quality semi-sweet wine

Vineyard location and characteristics: The vineyards are spread over the hills around the city of Buje at a height of 220 to 250 meters above the sea on the mineral-rich white soil. On its best locations, the grape of this vintage yielded exceptionally concentrated aromas, so we selected a limited area where it was left to dry on the vine before harvesting it.

Vinification and maturing: The dried grapes have slightly fermented, so we left the wines from different varieties to age for two years in wooden barrels. Subsequently, the wines were blended into a single stainless steel barrel to allow them to pair over the course of a year.

Color: Honey and amber with antique gold reflection

Bouquet: Honey notes fused with dried white flowers and spices such as cloves, followed by a burst of nutty notes and the scent of dried apricots and figs

Taste: Pleasantly sweet and warm, yet fresh and surprisingly smooth, thick, with affirming aromas of honey, dried fruit and orange zest, and with a mild bitterness of almonds and an exceptionally long-lasting finale

Gastronomic recommendation: Wine for meditating which is sure to find its place with very mature soft noble cheeses, foie gras and various delicate desserts like friable cookies with nuts and figs and dark chocolate pralines 
  • Harvest: 2011
  • Vineyards: West Istrian
  • Cultivar: ca. 40% Malvazija, 20% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Chardonnay, 20% Viognier
  • Alcohol: 16,5 %
  • Sugar: 49,5 g/l
  • Acidity: 7,8 g/l
  • Package: 0,375 l
  • Serve at: 11-13°C
Vinistra 2014 - gold medal
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