For the first time ever, the world has laid eyes on our Pinot Noir and Syrah. The two varieties, a rare find in Istria, up to now used as superior partners to our cuvee Terre Bianche Cuvee Rouge, have finally had their moment now that the grapevines have matured and started giving serious wines. Moreover, with the exceptional year of 2011 having been hot and dry, these reds have accumulated both strength and richness. The wines had their premiere during a wine tasting in the Enoteca Istriana in Pula, followed by the Wine bar Jadranka in Zagreb and the wine workshop of the festival

It is significant to note that the Syrah Contarini Riserva 2011 has been awarded the gold medal and declared the best Syrah in Istria as early as last spring on Vinista while it was still not more than a baby from the barrel being that it was bottled only in September.
Pinot Noir Contarini Riserva 2011 caused the same admiration the audience had for Syrah which fills us with great pleasure.

With new reds, we have also introduced a new edition of the historically most important brand – Cabernet Sauvignon Contarini. The new vintage, however, is somewhat stronger due to an extraordinary year which Moreno was quick to recognize. Even wine experts such as Željko Suhadolnik noted that “this may be the best Cab Moreno ever made”.