On Wednesday, April 13, the Degrassi winery presented selected labels in the Jadranka bistro in cooperation with the Miva wine gallery. Moreno Degrassi, oenologist Alen Matelić and the host of the evening, the owner of the Miva Wine Gallery Gordan Mohor, pointed out the authenticity and sophistication of the wine with the strong influence of the terroir of the Buje region.
The wine experience came to full expression in a pleasant atmosphere and with delicious specialties of the Jadranka bistro team - ceviche, Chinese rolls, grilled prawns, steak and vanilla cream with strawberry - which highlighted all the characteristics of the wine. Ferné Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine, Terre Bianche Cuvée Blanc 2017, Malvasia Istrian Bomarchese Selekcija 2020, Cabernet Franc Contarini Riserva 2012, Terre Bianche Cuvée Rouge Riserva 2013 and Muscat San Pellegrin 2021 were presented.