It is interesting to note that Istria has more distinctively different types of soil and that our vineyards stretch over two of the most famous ones: The white soil and the Istrian red soil. Both are extremely mineral-rich which is reflected in our wines as well.

Buje region boasts the most valuable locations for viticulture in Istria. It is here, on the mild, sun-touched hills between Buje and Brtonigla that the vineyards Degrassi have found their home.
All emperors that ruled these regions, drank on their courts wine that came precisely from these positions. Our vineyard locations were known to Ancient Romans, admired by Venetians, and not even the Viennese court was exempt from its lure. Finally, let us also not forget that even in the former state, it is here where the cooperative PIK Umag made their “outstanding Malvasia” and their “outstanding Merlot”.

Utmost care is placed on the work in the vineyard, particularly on the grape clusters – our “materia prima”. The key is to obtain a low yield per vine in order to achieve a high quality and intensity already on the vine itself. For a number of years now, we have been producing the grapes for all our wines exclusively on our own. The grapes are all harvested by hand. The vineyards span across 25 hectares and include vines of different ages which ensures continuity, their and the health of the grapes, as well as a well harmonized aroma profile.